Worship on Wednesdays

             You asked for it, and the time has come!   

   Starting Wednesday, October 11, Hope will host worship every Wednesday evening from 6:15-6:45PM, with communion. Of all the directives we received from our 2023 strategic plan, providing alternative worship opportunities was the strongest and most consistent, coming from all generations. Marked by a relaxed atmosphere, engaging music, and brief life-applicable meditations, these services have already struck a chord with many of your siblings in Christ last spring and summer. If you have musical gifts to share, time to help set up for worship, or would like to help in any way, please let me or Emily Turney know.

Coupled with this new worship opportunity, is a weekly simple supper, served from 5:15-6:00PM. All are welcome to join us for this meal for a suggested donation of $2 per person. One parent responded to this news, “You mean I can feed my family for $8, not do dishes, and worship on Wednesday nights? Count me in!” You, your friends, family, and neighbors are all invited to be a part of our Wednesday gathering.

Financial Stewardship Update

As always, Hope’s leadership believes transparency and clear communication is paramount when it comes to the financial stewardship of our shared mission and ministry. As we move into Fall, it is common for our income to be lagging our expenses, and this year is no different. You can see below figures from our month end financial report from August:

Total Income: 298,702.84 ($18,930 more in Sunday Offerings compared to 2022)

Total Expense: 336,280.32

Net Surplus/Deficit -37,577.48 (we were -34,145.13 at the end of August 2022)


While not a reason to be alarmed we do believe it is prudent to keep you apprised of where we are. Here are two important things of note:

¨ Offerings through 8 months are up, even as we’ve raised over $95,000 for our Sanctuary renovation. There are normal ups and downs throughout each year as some faithfully fulfill pledges with a one-time gift, IRA Required Minimum Distribution, or by other means.

¨ Expenses related to strategic initiatives and programming are up, in line with national inflationary trends.

Sanctuary Renovation Taskforce Appreciation

     By the time you read this, most of the work in our Sanctuary will be completed, and we will have worshipped at least once back at Hope. This project has been a huge team effort that included you who supported the project financially, helped empty and reset our spaces, helped worship transition to the Walker Area Community Center, cleaned our space and furnishings, researched special projects, and more. It involved our tremendous staff, who contributed to planning, recruited and communicated with volunteers, were flexible amidst construction, worked to ensure community groups and weekly ministry groups could use the space, and more.

    When a project like this one has such broad support and investment from the whole community, it means the leadership team did something right! Leading our team was the Sanctuary Renovation Taskforce, a group of faithful leaders who each brought and exercised their unique gifts. As the project wraps up in the next couple weeks, we thank each of them for their service and dedication to accomplishing the task given to them. Taskforce members included Pat Roush (chair), Jill Anderson, Carl Berg, Mark Bovee, Duane Foss, and Monte Lienau.


Pastor Matt